Oil Field Products


  • We provide Mud Logging items both branded and non-branded as per demand of client.
  • All type of sensors used in mud logging & MWD units
  • Microscope, UV equipment and Accessories
  • Corrugated Boxes (PVC & Paper)
  • Card Board Boxes (PVC & Paper)
  • Core Boxes (Wooden & Corrugated PVC)
  • Polly Flows & Quick Connectors
  • Calibration Gases & Hydrogen Gases
  • Wet Sample Bags (With / Without Plastic Bags)
  • Dry Sample Envelops (Plan & Printed)
  • Plastic Bags with Zip ends (Plan & Printed)
  • Gunny Sacks (Plan & Printed)
  • SS Trays (for Drilled Cuttings)
  • Sample Trays (Plastic 5 Racks)
  • Tally Books
  • Cable Ties

Tools, Casting & Fabrication

  • All kind of hand tools and Hi-Tech power tools used in Oil field, Telecom or other
  • Industries, we provide tool Box of selected item in plastic, wood and Steel Box.
  • All type System Cabinet Indoor & Out door.
  • All Type of Pressures & Temperature Measurement Gauges
  • All Types Electrical Panel
  • Data Rack
  • All Types Connectors
  • Drill Machine
  • Drill Machine (Hammering type)
  • Welding Equipment
  • Hydraulic Jacks
  • Grouting Materials
  • Optical Fiber Distribution frames
  • All type Antenna (Short & Long)
  • Heat Proof System for all types Cabinets
  • Lab items

Safety & HS&E Items (PPE)

All kind of safety items and PPEs used in Oil field and other relevant industries.

Minerals & Chemicals

  • All Kind of LCM and Mud chemicals
  • Calcium Carbonate Hematite Mica Potash Feldspar
  • Fly Ash Silica Barite
  • Aluminum Sulphate
    (uses Industrial & Water purification)