About us

AK ENTERPRISES is an Islamabad based business entity registered with the Government of Pakistan*. We are client-focused solution provider with the wide range of services. AK enterprise is an emerging local business with a special focus and expert in oil industry. AK Enterprises has reliable extended operations of Worldwide Procurement Supplies, Logistic Support, Information Technology Equipment and Services.
Our supplies and services cover the needs of any company of any size. We have developed a range of products including branded machinery and spares to cater for the ever-increasing demands of industry in the country, specifically for the, Geological/Mud logging items, Petrochemical & Power Generation, Textile & Polyester, Construction Companies, Water Treatment/Distillation Plants, & food items etc.
From top-level management to field workers we have a highly skilled and motivated team who is capable of top quality performance. Our team works with a clear vision and adopts the modern business approaches including innovation creativity and customer dedicated services. Being an export alliance with a group of reliable suppliers and partner companies, we consistently obtain high quality goods from the most renowned manufacturers at compatible prices. We provide bespoke services and products to our clients,according to their prioritized quality and budgets.